Sydney James
Slaying The Dragon

Slaying The Dragon

This time it was all going to be different.

For years, I’ve been running, hiding, looking over my shoulder. Moving from town to town, changing my appearance, starting over. And over and over. Trying to get away from all those painful memories. And from him.

The man with the dragon tattoo on his chest.

When I step off the bus in Boulder, Colorado, things seem to fall into place in a way they’ve never done before. Is that a sign? Is it finally time to stop running? Perhaps, I can finally start to rebuild the life that the Dragon destroyed, all those years ago.

But I should have learned by now, that you can’t run from your past. When it all catches up with me, I’m forced to make a choice – keep running or find a way to make sure that the Dragon never hurts me or anyone else ever again.